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An Overview.

Physician frustration with the practice of medicine is prevalent internationally and is often related to the following:

  • emotional exhaustion;
  • depersonalization; and
  • a sense of reduced personal accomplishment.
The Scope.

The PRO•PCG Strategy in three steps:

Step One.

The above stressors affect physicians-in-training, as well as practicing physicians often fostering adverse effects on:

Step Two.

Drivers often attributed to physician frustration with clinical practice are:

Step Three.

Demographically, higher rates of burnout are commonly reported in female and younger physicians.

Respecting Our Candidates.

Our candidates are always in control of their careers and when they are submitted to clients. You choose which jobs your credentials are submitted to hiring managers so you are interviewing for the jobs you really want.

The PRO PCG Program has the mission to:

1.) Ascertain the stressors on physician participants.

2.) Provide interactive assessment instruments that will reveal your strengths and opportunities in the domains of personality style, creativity dimensions, leadership style, and executive presence.

From the results of the aforesaid assessment findings, we will create a custom PRO • PCG Career Compass guiding you to either better thrive in your current position or seek new career vistas which provide enhanced personal, professional, and financial satisfaction.

Here are just a few alternatives that we can guide you toward:


Cherche Susan recruits for corporate and agency communications departments. We cover all areas of communication, including those that grow brands and nurture their relationships with their target audiences.


  • Branding & Advertising
  • Institutional and corporate communication
  • Digital communication
  • Editorial communication
  • Design
  • Crisis communication
  • Influence
    Press relation / Public relation
  • Events management
  • Media
  • Internal communication
Next Steps.

Is the PRO•PCG Program right for you?

Please complete and submit the form below so we can share more information and get you started on the PRO • PCG Career Compass journey.

Coaching You.

Career coaching a la carte services

We offer A La Carte services to help you with your Career Goals. These are the only services that Your Talent Team performs at a cost to the Candidate. Our recruitment services are completely free. These services can be purchased individually, or as a full package.

Whether you are looking for a simple review and critique of your resume, or you are looking for an entire rewrite of your resume, we can help.

We help you sharpen your interview skills so you land the jobs you want. We help prepare for what to say/not say and what to expect from potential employers.

LinkedIn is a primary tool for getting noticed by potential employers. We help turn your profile into a page that pops.

Self-awareness is an often overlooked yet critical part of preparation. Our coaching services include an assessment of your strengths and opportunities for improvement.

As part of any interview preparation, we want to help you set yourself up for success by having answers ready to highlight your strengths and how to anticipate a response to anything that might be perceived as a weakness.

The follow up after an interview often makes or breaks the outcome of an interview. We help you determine how and when you should follow up for that job you really want.

Their Words.

What they
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Jim Mullen, COO Client

"'Your Talent Team' did a great job guiding me through the interview process and was an excellent extension to the company I was interviewing with. YTT was always timely, highly knowledgeable around business functions, and went the extra mile as far as preparations during the interview process. I highly recommend YTT to any company looking to outsource HR/Recruiting."

Jason Bathrick Candidate

"We contracted with 'Your Talent Team' to consult with our HR department and they have proven to be an invaluable part of our team. Their professionalism and energy around recruiting have been incredibly helpful. This week, YTT facilitated training for 15 of our top leaders using Ntrinsx and did an excellent job... I would highly recommend YTT as 'a team' who can come alongside your leadership to add valuable HR skills around recruiting, team building and restructuring."

Chris Mullet Client

"Was a pleasure working with 'Your Talent Team.' Very insightful and attentive throughout the entire process. I was personally pleased that they "kept" the same hours as I; as we had several conversations on the weekend or after hours. YTT understood the value of both our time and did all they could possibly do to maximize every minute we had together."

Jon Stewart Candidate

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Craig Taylor Client

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Adam Barr Candidate
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