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Treat them as THEY want to be treated.

Ntrinsx is an online assessment and social intelligence data management system that uses colors to help you understand yourself and others in a practical way.

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Transform your workforce into raving fans of team building.

"The class was very informative (this was our 2nd one), and I feel that I am building a sense of recognizing each employee that works at Tenmile. I am sure each session will build, and everyone will have a better perspective going forward."

Sheila Client

"These Ntrinsx trainings continue to add value to me personally and open my eyes to possibilities at work."

Chad, CEO Client

"I can't thank you enough for getting us started with Ntrinsx! Other programs such as DISC are good but only 2 dimensional. Ntrinsx describes your temperament, strengths and personality AND tells you how the others in your organization give and receive information. Ntrinsx teaches you how to talk to other people so that they "hear" you and feel comfortable that you "hear" them."

Sara Client

"This is a fun, highly interactive team building tool that helps identify each other's personalities (or 'colors'). It has helped us define our culture by recognizing how we need to work together based on strong attributes that are identified through this process."

John Client

"I took the Ntrinsx assessment and quite frankly thought it was a joke until I got my results and it described me to a T ! Dead on ! AMAZING , how that stuff works like that and how smart the people who came up with this must really be!!"

Mark Client
Social Intelligence.

For a culture of respect


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In Esteem








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The Ntrinsx assessment is quick (5 minutes), fun, and surprisingly accurate.

We now have data that supports the fact that most of us behave differently at work vs. with family and friends. The Ntrinsx patent-pending assessment is unique in that it differentiates how our temperament manifests at work vs. in our personal life.

More than just an assessment, Ntrinsx is a comprehensive content management system for all members. Depending on the privileges set by an administrator, members of a user account can access assessment results, groups and other information to gain insight into the values of those they care most about – their coworkers, family and friends.

Ntrinsx supports over 100 languages. Members can take the assessment in the language of their choice and others can view their results in any other language.

Use whatever device you have. Ntrinsx automatically adjusts for the display device you are using – desktop, laptop, tablet, phone.

Organize your social intelligence information the way you want it. Create groups to align with the org chart, teams, classes, meetings, events, etc. All training modules are designed for in-person and virtual facilitation, with polling and breakouts.

Ntrinsx automatically computes useful analytics on the data whenever you create a group. See the temperament of your team or your meeting according to who is in it. Use it for what-ifs to intelligently design your team or organization. Or, use it to gain insight for productivity issues or conflict resolution.

While generic training on concepts like communication, conflict, leadership, etc. can improve understanding of concepts, Ntrinsx teaches how to improve communication with John, or resolve conflict with Joan, or how to engage your team and hold the individuals within it accountable for the needed results.

Ntrinsx is designed for seamless integration with other enterprise applications. The Ntrinsx API provides a robust set of system calls for easy and reliable integration.

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Understanding People

The success of every organization is dependent on how well the people are aligned to the business – and to each other. We are all unique individuals. We don’t all hold the same values so we don’t behave the same way. To be most effective, people need to understand and respect the intrinsic values of others they engage with.



Communication is one of those things we take for granted. We all communicate in ways that are unique to us and, while we inherently know what it is that we intend to communicate, we don’t realize that others are hearing something completely different. A tremendous amount of confusion results from unintentional miscommunication, leading to errors, misunderstanding, and conflict.

Dealing with Change

Why is it that some people seem to thrive on change while others hate it and seemingly go out of their way to avoid change? For most organizations change is not only inevitable, it is essential for survival. So, the key is not to avoid it but to learn how to handle it effectively.

Conflict and Stress

This is one of the most important and least understood factors in many businesses. Most important because it is often the root cause of performance issues that drive cost and other key performance indicators. Least understood because its true impact is hidden as people tolerate it, avoid it and compensate for it.

Team Performance

Why is it that some teams consistently meet performance goals while others struggle? After all, everybody works by the same set of rules, are availed of the same incentives, and have the same opportunity for advancement.

Effective Meetings

A meeting is effective when people leave the meeting feeling energized, positive about the use of their time and with a sense that progress has been made. Everyone has a role in the effectiveness of a meeting, with the facilitator having the biggest influence.  Understanding participant personalities will enable you to run meetings most effectively.

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